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BoxOffice July 1, 1939

(early; cut and pasted:
"On Disney-RCA Petition
Court Justice John Carew has reserved decision on an application by Walt Disney Enterprises, Ltd., and RCA Mfg. Co. to preclude Adriana Caselotti from giving evidence surrounding certain important points, in connection with her $200,000 action against them. Miss Caselotti. the "voice" of "Snow White," claims RCA dubbed her voice from the film's sound track to records, millions of which were sold. She claims this is in violation of an agreement whereby her voice was to be used in the picture only. The defendants seek to prevent testimony at the trial on three points. First, they seek to prevent her from stating they dubbed her voice from the sound track. Next they seek to prevent her from saying she was prevented from obtaining employment by RCA for that purpose and, lastly, that, under ordinary circumstances, she would have to sing in order to make
the recordings."

p12 "389 Houses in 28 States Cater to Negro Trade" It's unclear to me what this means, exactly; it could mean only 389 theaters allowed blacks, it could mean there were 389 theaters allowed only blacks, it could mean 389 theaters were specifically trying to draw blacks (whether or not they allowed only blacks).

p18c Theaters often shut down in the summer apparently

p18C "Comeback by Laemmle
Hollywood - Carl Laemmle an has purchased film rights to "Victoria Cross," announcing he plans to re-enter production in the near future." (Carl's name had appeared on a number of cartoons, thus inclusion here)

Disney gave July 3 off to its employees.

p19 "Paramount has sent Walter Bradford to Miami to handle exploitation on "Gulliver's Travels," feature-length cartoon Max Fleischer is producing there."

p24 "12 on 1939-40 Schedule Completed by Disney

Twelve of the 18 cartoon shorts scheduled by Walt Disney for RKO release on the 1939-40 schedule have already been completed, according to Hal Horne, vice-president of the cartoon plant. Donald Duck is featured in the majority of the output, with Mickey Mouse and Pluto claiming the remainder of the stellar billing."

p36 Extensive Jack Benny Man About Town coverage.

p38 A "He added: Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" and City Lights" were well received throughout Russia, as well as Walt Disney's shorts. However, in the last three years, the Soviet officials haven't been able to get together on price with Disney, he said."

p48 "Jam Handy Moving Office In Detroit on July 1
Detroit - Jam Handy, maker of animated cartoons, is moving into larger quarters at 2792-B East Grand Blvd, on July 1."

p54 repeat of p19 story

p58 "New London, is offering five cartoons plus the regular show on Saturday afternoons."

p70-A "The new employees' cafeteria at the Fleischer studios has been put into service. The cartoonists' dining room has a capacity of 250. Its manager formerly directed the University of Miami cafeteria."

p73 Special rules for Snow White in Canada.

p78 (copy paste "Disney Visit to His Former Ontario Home Awaited
Toronto Walt Disney, creator of animated films, has arranged to visit his old home near Bluevale, Huron county, in western Ontario, for a period in July, bringing with him his father. Elias Disney, from California for a visit with relatives in and around Goderich and a tour of places associated with the childhood of the film celebrity.
Disney farm, Concession No.
address of Morris Town-
ship, Bluevale, is largely in its original state and is operated by a farmer, Sandy McEwen. One of the Disney relatives is Peter Cantelon, a cousin of Elias Disney, who resides in Goderich and who is to be
host for the visit. Mr. Cantelon spent the past winter with the Disneys in California."

I on occasion go to Goderich... I wonder if there's some sort of Disney exhibit in the area... (Google tells me there was at least a Goderich sesquicentennial collectors plate involving him...)

p82 Short Reviews
"Nick's Coffee Pot
20th-Fox (Terry-Toons) 7 Mins.
This animated tale of the denizens of Bugville rates as average cartoon fare. All are having fun at the opening of Nick's coffee pot when the spider appears on the scene to disrupt the preceedings. He kidnaps the waitress whose sweetheart is the kitchen-boy. With that, the emergency squads swing into action and bombard the spider's craft. The kitchen-boy comes to the rescue of his sweetheart and they ride away on a dragon-fly as the ship with the spider sinks."

"A Bully Romance
20th-Fox (Terry-Toons) 7 mins.
Gandy the Goose relates his adventures in Mexico when he wooed a charming Senorita. The humor content of the cartoon is just fair. Gandy is forced to accept the challenge of the Senorita's father and fight a gigantic bull. He triumphs over the bull after a furious struggle."

"Lucky Pigs
Columbia (Color Rhapsody) 7 Mins.
Average cartoon fare presented in Technicolor. It's about Mama and Papa Pig who win the sweepstakes. They receive universal acclaim and go on a buying spree. In their excitement they overlook the income tax collector. When they get through with him, all they have left is memories of their moment of glory."

"The Bear That Couldn't Sleep
M-G-M (Cartoon) 9 Mins.
Amusing are the antics of the bear that had trouble getting to bed for his winter hibernation. The animators have made the bruin an amiable cuss and he will certainly appeal to the kids. The bear encounters all sorts of difficulties. The roof leaks, the windows slam and he is locked out in the cold. When he finally turns in, it seems spring has arrived again."

(review of How To Eat, which had some animation, not mentioned in the review)

"Hobo Gadget Band
Vitaphone (Merrie Melody) 7 Mins.
An amusing cartoon bit that rates above average as program material. It opens with a group of hoboes at camp preparing breakfast. When they hear a train whistle, they all depart. After being thrown off, they come to a town where they enter an amateur radio contest and prove a hit. But as they sign a contract, a train whistle sounds and they are off again for the road."

"The Scared Crows
Paramount (Betty Boop) 7 Mins.
There's a lot of fun in this reel, although it isn't particularly original. It seems a flock of crows are making things miserable for Betty Boop, who finds her seeds disappearing the moment after she plants them. However, a scarecrow does the trick and everything looks serene. But somehow, one of the birds gets into the house. He opens a screen and the rest of the flock come in and promptly invade the icebox and pantry. Betty and her dog, Pudgy, then declare war on the pests until they are dispersed."


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