Wednesday, July 21, 2010

097 Hollywood Sweepstakes

Title: Hollywood Sweepstakes
Studio: Columbia
Date: 7/28/39
Credits: - (BCDB says directed by Ben Harrison, animated by Manny Gould)
Series: Color Rhapsody
Running time (of viewed version): 7:33

Synopsis: A horse race with a sick favorite, a cheating mudder and a bunch of celebrity caricatures.

Comments: Narrated. The one small horse is quite pudgy. I can't figure out if I think the dog man is more Disney or more WB. Strange in that there are also regular humans. And star caricatures. Laurel and Hardy, Groucho Marx (in the crowd and as a judge with Chico and Harpo; I guess Gummo and Zeppo were gone by now), Clark Gable, Charles Laughton (poosibly as both the hunchback and Capt. Bligh), Bing Crosby, are obvious, but others less so to me. The woo woo guy is back (who was IDed earlier in the year, but I've forgotten...). Maybe Ned Sparks, and maybe Fred Allen, or maybe not (especially as he was a NYC comedian). There's an obvious gangster, but he doesn't exactly look like Edward G. Robinson (tho more than the other obvious choices). The wolf jockey has crocodile mouth. The cartoon is all over the place, which is good for screenshot variety, but doesn't necessarily make the finest cartoon. The skeletonized whale is interesting. Use of Santa Anita as the racecourse may be another example of California bias.