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Boxoffice, January 21, 1939

Boxoffice 1/21/39

p23 There is a piece on Paramount deciding not to create separate sales group for shorts.

p31 "Cinemarks
After three weeks here on business at the Walt Disney plant, Richard Condon, the cartoon-maker's eastern publicity representative, has returned to New York. He is accompanied by his wife."


"Disney Character Sales Brings on Litigation
Kansas City - Because Hamilton Enterprises, Inc. has the sole right to handle vending machines employing Walt Disney characters, suit has been filed by that corporation and by Wallt Disney Productions against several Kansas City companies and individuals for alleged infringement of Hamilton's rights. The suit was filed in federal court here and asks that the firms and individuals be enjoined from use and replicas of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters through vending machines and $1 for each infringed copy.
Defendants are A. E. Sandhouse, Great States Manufacturing Co., N. E. Sandhouse, Great Stataes Operating Co., Crown Drug, Parkview Pharmacies. It is estimated that the defendants have 2000 vending machines in operation in Kansas City, and have sold at least 144 of the figures each week since September. Consequently, the suit is expected to run to $250,000."

"Conservation Commission Gets Disney Services
Kansas City - Walt Disney, Missourian, has designed a decorative card in four colors and carrying animals from "Snow White," for use by the Missouri wild life conservation commission in its effort to enroll children as well as adults in conserving wild life of the state."

"Many Quirks Revealed in Foreign Film Business
Originally the pictures in "Snow White" were drawn to fit sound and dialogue, Roy Disney told Mr. Lewis when he was here during "Snow White's" run at the Mainstreet a year ago. The artist worked with a "Cue sheet" which showed words and sound as they passed along the sound track. When the picture was prepared for foreign distribution a new sound track for each country had to be created to fill the picture.
It was necessary to select syllables in the foreign language that corresponded as closely as possible to the movement of the lips in forming English words and still have the foreign words mean approximately the same thing in order not to be at cross purposes with the action. The result was about 90 percent successful.

p53 Family building mention

"Short Subject Reviews
"Soup to Mutts
Universal (Lantz Cartune) 7 Minutes
Bearing the "for juvenile pastime only" trademark, this, too obviously, fulfills its mission. The situations are those that have appeared in countless previous efforts, revolving about an amateur show in Dogland. In this instance, cats are barred from competition. But one feline finds a discarded dog skin, wins a prize, and is just about to scram when the false hide reveals the damaging truth."
"I'm Just a Jitterbug
Universal (Lantz Cartune) 7 Minutes
There's a godly share of amusement here, probably as much for the parents as well as their offspring. When the personnel of a carton studio checks out for the day one of the drawing board characters comes to life. He turns out to be a jitterbug, and, for company, rounds up the woodland friends and other storybook characters for a swing dance session. The music and the "business" make for a lot of fun."

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