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Boxoffice, January 14

BoxOffice, January 14, 1939

"Dick Condon left unexpectedly for the Walt Disney studios on the coast"

32g: Snow White won Film Daily's movie of the year; for similar acclaim, see also p65, p79, p84

p41: "Six More Cartoons Put Into Work By Lantz
The Walter Lantz cartoon production unit has hit peak capacity, having launched six new cartoon shorts to boost the total in work to 18.
The Lantz organization works a 40-hour week, its product being released through Universal."

For some reason, a marathon showing with three features had a 1937 Columbia cartoon included, "Hollywood Picnic"

"Minnie as Scarlett?"
On who should be Scarlett O'Hara:
"Quipped Jane Quinn: "Minnie Mouse gets my vote. Walt Disney could make a much more super colossal, gigantic film than any Hollywood luminary anyhow... Minnie as Scarlett... and Donald Duck as Rhett Butler..." "

The Esquire was being built; I saw several films at it as a kid before it was closed.

p67 Family named property

p82 "Selling Disney's "Ferdinand"-
The smiling lady is Gail Northe, on a goodwill tour of 22 cities for the little fellow she's holding in her right hand, Ferdinand the Bull. Miss Northe is between the mayors of the Texarkanas. Mayor Brown (left) of Texas and Mayor Seibert of Arkansas. Mrs. Boyd Short of Interstate circuit is responsible for it all."
p95 "Short Subject Reviews"
"Dog Gone Modern
Vitaphone (Merrie Melody) 7 Minutes
Another swell Leon Schlesinger animation in Technicolor. His two pups wander into a new model home where the latest in electrical appliances requires the push of a button. The new fangled developments on the electrical world play havoc with the canines and they're pretty happy when it's all over. The juveniles will like it and there are a couple of good ideas here for the grownups to consider."

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