Friday, January 22, 2010

013 My Friend the Monkey

Title: My Friend the Monkey
Studio: Fleischer
Date: 1/27/39
Series: Betty Boop /Pudgy (?)
Running time (of viewed version): 6:13
Synopsis: Betty is enticed by an organ grinder's monkey, who fights with her dog Pudgy while she buys the monkey from the grinder.

Comments: Betty calls the monkey a jittermonk, in keeping with the overall jitterbug character of the cartoons of the time (I think I forgot to mention a passing reference in another cartoon to the fad already). Man, these Mill Creek 600 discs make my drives want to die. Most of the drives fail to read them. I need to use an external HD-DVD drive to get it to work on a computer, and it still sounds like it's going to explode. Remember kids, monkeys do not make good pets. In some ways this is trying to do what Krazy's Bear Tale was; namely, trying to ditch the series anchor (Betty), tho with much more of her than Krazy on screen (it opens with a shot of her walking fro behind, wink wink nudge nudge); . On the other hand, here they were trying to replace her with Pudgy instead of no one, and the cartoon didn't out and out suck. Tho Pudgy is inherently terrible. Kinda the "Bimbo Babies" approach. This is one of three Fleischer cartoons released over a two day period; all three had recurring characters. Two of the three had big head young animal protagonists; I wonder why they didn't put Sweet pea in the Popeye and make for the trifecta... Another odd thing; no more Fleischer cartoons for more than two months; then two in eight days, one of those being the two reel Popeye Aladdin.

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