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BoxOffice, August 5, 1939

BoxOffice August 5, 1939



Animated Cartoon


Made in Germany





its first

animated cartoon

film is noteworthy in that German newspapers recently commented ironically on the success of American cartoons. The initial effort will be in color and based on of a fairy-tale plot."


"The NLRB is conducting a hearing to determine whether the Screen Cartoonists Guild shall be designated exclusive bargaining agent for the craft. The SCG

claims jurisdiction in the Sclilesinger, Lantz. Katz and M-G-M cartoon units. Producers have signed a five-year agreement with the Scenic Artists Ass'n, calling for wage tilts and a six-hour day. Screen Publicists and Screen Readers Guilds' requests for working contracts have been sidetracked until more pressing labor matters are disposed of. Second test case involving minimum wage clauses in the Society of Motion"


"Wise Quack

Vitaphone (Looney Time Cartoon) 7 Mins. Only fair, with little ingenuity surrounding the arrival of four new ducklings, one being carried off by a condor, and the subsequent rescue by Porky and his ducky friends. Old stuff and nary a new idea.

best or worse, take to them. Regardless of the direction one looks, they look the same. As salesmen for arctic clothing, they wander by mistake into a tropical earthquake belt and become involved in a local revolution. Tlieir escape is beset with perils, but they make it."




(Walt Disney)


Not one of the best Disney shorts, but enough laughs to keep the Donald Duck fans happily satisfied. Donald is a radio car copper who is ordered to get Tiny Tim and bring him in. The way he does it makes for an amusing episode, with Donald playing the part of a baby, but getting his man."

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