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BoxOffice, September 9

BoxOffice, September 9, 1939

p31? "one production by Lewis Lewyn; two "Our Gang" comedies; a John Nesbitt "Passing Parade;" a James FitzPatrick "Traveltalk;" two cartoons, one each from Rudolf Ising and Hugh Harman, and two"

p57 "A single-reel cartoon was destroyed in a projection machine fire at George Clair's Arco Theatre. Burgettstown."

p75: "Your correspondent asked his listeners what stories they would




into a

picture, similar


"Wizard of Oz" that

to the with most choices

being for "Cinderella," "Alice in Wonderland" and more of the Oz stories. Many suggested "Pinnochio" and "Gulliver's Travels" as a good story material for films. Won't they be surprised how quick the films can take up a fan's suggestion?"

p76: "Gulliver





and Popeye Are See the World

By "AL"

Dixie Doin's HENDERSON

for a dummy reception, a reception, to be exact, are the exciting activities centering these days around the office of W. E. Bradford, special Paramount publicity representative assigned to the Max Fleischer studios for concentrated exploitation of the full length animated Technicolor feature, "Gulliver's Travels.""

"referred to are life-sized figures of Gulliver and Popeye who will be started on their transcontinental air tour by the time this appears in print. The squint-eyed sailor is chaperoning Gulliver on his trip to Miami where the latter is to fulfill a film contract! At some 30 cities en route the dummies will be ceremoniously presented to the mayors to whom they will extend invitations to Gulliver's "big

The dummies"




of cleverly

pouring out of Hollywood from the negatives being sent on from Miami by Bradfield. Principals in the first of these pictures have been the two Miamians who have modeled for the figures and voices of Gulliver and Princess Glory, Sam Parker and Lovinia (Levey) Warren. Picture plans call for the making of at least 600 gag stills against the Miami background."

p77? "Miami Highly satisfied with the first color rushes on Paramount's "Gulliver's Travels," Max Fleischer will start soon on a second full-length cartoon feature to be made as a successor to the screen version of the Jonathan Swift satire.

Fleischer's corps of readers was directed to comb the field of fantasy for a suitable story. Some of the script writers were put at work making rough outlines of adaptations of stories listed by Fleischer."

"More than 700 artists are working at present on "Gulliver's Travels," which is now in the final stages of production."

p88? "The Bookworm


and the imaginaexecution of the plot of this item should prove their worth to the exhibitor. Chiefly concerned are characters from weird literature who make a witch's brew.

beautiful coloring

A worm

to locate


lacking. A raven is dispatched one and from that point on the
chase device



is worked in. The variations humorous and show inventive resource-
First rate entertainment."

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  1. The item on pg. 31 ends "Crime Does Not Pay" shorts.
    From pg. 87, a review:

    The Bookworm
    M-G-M (Cartoon) 9 Mins.
    The beautiful coloring and the imaginative execution of the plot of this item should prove their worth to the exhibitor. Chiefly concerned are characters from weird literature who make a witch’s brew. A worm is lacking. A raven is dispatched to locate one and from that point on the chase device is worked in. The variations are humorous and show inventive resourcefulness. First rate entertainment.