Wednesday, June 23, 2010

083 The Bird On Nellie's Hat

Title: The Bird On Nellie's Hat (Castle print retitled Runaway Choo Choo)
Studio: Walter Lantz
Date: 6/19/39
Director ... Alex Lovy
Story ... Victor McLeod / James Miele
Music... Frank Marsales
Animators ... George Grandpre / Hicks Lokey
Series: Mello-Drama
Running time (of viewed version): 6:48

Synopsis: Ratbone ties Nellie to the railroad tracks after she flirts with her body and blackens his eye when he tries to park; blacksmith Dan is alerted to her plight by the living bird stapled to her hat and saves her.

Comments: I note that the Castle retitle carries a 1953 copyright on it; the PD DVD/VHS companies who retitle their things and add a new copyright weren't the first set of people to try their hand at that, I see. The opening sequence with Dan and the horse feels similar to Ren and Stimpy in some way I can't quite identify (slack jawed and lots of eye stuff, maybe). Ratbone has 5 fingers in at least one scene, four in others. Carrying the horse is funny. The train ripping apart is kinda good. Nellie uses a very small amount of ankle to tempt Ratbone. Nellie displays her trademark tongue. Dan looks like an alien insect at the end.

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