Wednesday, June 9, 2010

076 Beach Picnic

Title: Beach Picnic
Studio: Disney
Date: 6/09/39
Credits: -
Series: Donald Duck
Running time (of viewed version): 8:26

Synopsis: Donald Duck has trouble with a blow up doll, makes trouble for Pluto, has trouble with ants, makes trouble for ants, and finally has trouble with Pluto.

Comments: Don's vocals sound echoey here. This cartoon shows up on two Disney Treasure collections; the first volumes of Donald Duck and Pluto. Pluto doesn't seem like Don's dog in this (he's just some lone dog, drowning at the shore), which means he's torturing someone else's dog (tho as Pluto appears to suffocate DD with ant paper at the end, that's alright). Red ants as Indians seems obvious; I wonder why I don't recall it in other cartoons. The moving food looks good. Pluto's nose is its own beast. I wonder how improved these Disney cartoons would be if they cut 25% of the time from the cartoons while keeping the same number of shots and gags. Pluto is significantly larger than Donald in this cartoon. Donald, traditionally pantsless like Porky Pig, also makes an abnormal showing of nudity that appears more nude in spite of normally being nude in his bathing suit pulling scene near the beginning. Odd that Porky's similarly extra nude without being any more nude came right before this one. There' at least two butt to butt scenes in this, and one of them comes with a hint of "who's a horses ass" playing behind it.

There's a shot log of this cartoon on Hans Perk's site at:
Eugster, Culhane, Fergy, M.R.5, Oreb, Schaffer, Satt., Novros, Blair, Smith, Stan, Cobb and Lars are all mentioned. So you can get an idea of what animator was responsible for what. Which is far more credit than the big old nothing in the cartoon itself.

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