Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fleischer's Miami Crossover

I have in my notes that this time marks the crossover between Fleischer releases produced in New York and Miami. Unfortunately I didn't mark the reference down and can't relocate it at the moment. A diagram above shows the Miami facility (from Cartoon Brew, and I assume that's from the version in _The Fleischer Story_). I'm assuming the note means the cartoons after this date were completely animated in Miami, as evidence from BoxOffice indicates Fleischer had been in Miami long enough by this point to realize they needed to build an adjacent cafeteria they had not realized they'd need in the original planning stage. At any rate, no reason not to learn a little more about the Miami facility from the Cartoon Brew link below:


  1. "Cops Is Always Right", "Thrills and Chills" and "Always Kickin'" were the last Fleischer cartoons in the Popeye, Betty Boop and Color Classic series where the audio tracks (music and voice) were recorded in New York. But thanks to the studio's habit of post-recoding dialog, that doesn't necessarily mean they were the last ones to be animated there. Cartoons with Miami voice and music tracks, like "Customers Wanted", "My Friend the Monkey", "Small Fry" and the Aladdin two-reeler may have begun life on the animation boards in Manhattan and finished up very-off Broadway.