Tuesday, March 2, 2010

030 Scrappy's Side Show

Title: Scrappy's Side Show
Studio: Columbia
Date: 3/03/39
Allen Rose
Joe De Nat
Harry Love
Lou Lilly
Series: Scrappy
Running time (of viewed version): 6:19

Synopsis: Scrappy puts on a sideshow where everything is fake, which is a lot like real sideshows were.

Comments: Yet another putting on a show cartoon, but at least this one is a sideshow. The cartoon ends very abruptly and not really on a joke, but on a note of anticlimactic danger, which makes me wonder if the viewed version was edited (I note that the cartoon's entry in Paul Etcheverry and Will Timbes Friedwald's Scrappy filmography in Animania #21 (June 30, 1981) has the same ending described). This cartoon may have the most visual gags of any cartoon so far. The girl sounds like Baby Snooks (and looks more or less like Fanny Brice dressed as Baby Snooks). For some reason, this cartoon does not show the cootch tent. Scrappy beats the girl with a plank of wood while her head is stuck in a wall and balls are being thrown at her face, which strikes me as abnormally violent, especially in the context of this cartoon.

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