Tuesday, April 6, 2010

045 The Cuckoo bird

Title: The Cuckoo Bird
Studio: Terrytoons
Date: 4/07/39
Credits: -
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 5:04

Synopsis: A cat chases a parrot, then eats a clock cuckoo, which puts him in the hospital.

Comments: The audio has an unusual quality to it in this cartoon. The music is very low in the mix, and voices and effects sound very crisp. This feels like it is missing the beginning; again I'm not sure if this is just how these Terrytoons are or if the tv prints clipped the beginnings (that seems more likely to me). In this instance, it seems like there should be more backstory with the parrot. You can't say it takes too long for the action to get going, at least. The movement when the cat is flying around is unpleasant. There really isn't much to recommend this cartoon. Some of the backgrounds are almost nice tho.


Note that he who shall be referred to as "a chili for JunKs" recently claimed on his blog that only a handful of people can tell the difference between Terrytoon directors. I submit that all you need to do is click on the Terrytoons label in this blog, and even if you don't know who they are, you'll immediately be able to tell the difference between directors by simply looking at their cartoons.

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